City of Gatesville

Spur Capital of Texas
Close-up flag of the United States
The Gatesville Police Department provides 24-hour patrol service to the citizens of Gatesville. Officers are trained to respond to crimes in progress, provide emergency services for injuries and accidents, and answer general calls for service. Patrol officers also take reports of criminal activity and conduct preliminary investigations at crime scenes.

Each Gatesville officer has extensive training in all aspects of police work including:

    * Domestic Violence
    * Assault
    * Sexual Assault
    * Burglary
    * Theft
    * Accident Investigation
    * Search and Arrest Laws

In addition, the state requires every police officer to attend mandatory training on topics such as Racial Profiling and Asset Forfeiture. Most officers of the Gatesville Police Department are veteran officers with several years of experience.
City of Gatesville- The Spur Capital of Texas!