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City of Gatesville
Spur Capital of Texas

Chapter 20- Vehicles for Hire


Sec. 20-1. Taxicab permit.

All persons owning or operating taxicabs in the city shall obtain a permit from the office of the city secretary. The annual fee for such permit shall be twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each such owner or operator. (Ord. of 8-19-42, Sec. 1)

Sec. 20-2. Insurance.

(a) The holder of any permit under this chapter to conduct a taxicab business in the city shall, at all times during the life of such permit, keep each vehicle operated by him under his permit insured in accordance with the requirements contained in subsection (b) below.

(b) Insurance coverage in subsection (a) above means an insurance policy or policies covering all licensed taxicabs of the insured issued by a company or companies qualified to do business in the state and performable in this county. Such policy or policies must contain a provision or an endorsement requiring that the director be given fifteen (15) days’ notice before the policy can be cancelled for any cause. Such policy shall provide the minimum coverage required to “show proof of financial responsibility” as that term is defined in the Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act as now in force or hereafter amended. Insurance coverage on each taxicab must meet state minimum requirements for the operation of a taxi.

*Charter reference-Authority to regulate, Sec. 3.07(j).

State law references-Authority to regulate, Texas Local Government Code 215.073, authority to levy gross receipts tax, V.T.C.S., art. 6698.

State law references-Authority to regulate, V.T.C.S., art. 1175(21); authority to levy gross receipts tax, art. 6698.

Sec. 20-3. Taxicab lettering.

Permanent lettering shall be placed on the outside of each front door of each taxicab operated in the city in the following manner: The word-”Gatesville” in four (4) inch letters and “Cab” or “Taxicab” in three (3) inch letters and the word “Permit” with number in three (3) inch letters. (Ord. of 1-20-43, Sec. 1)



Sec. 20-4. Stations.

Each taxicab operating in the city shall have a designated station in which to operate from, such station to be listed with the city secretary. (Ord. of 8-19-42, Sec. 4)

Cross reference-Use of stands, Sec. 18-27.


Sec. 20-5. Emergency Medical Services.

  1. That, unless merely in transit through the city en route to a medical facility by the most direct route, it shall be unlawful for any person, other than the Coryell Memorial Emergency Medical Services (CMEMS), or an agency of the United States, to furnish, operate, conduct, maintain, advertise for, or otherwise be engaged in the operation of an emergency ambulance or the providing of emergency service upon the street of the city, except be it at the request of the City Manager or his duty authorized representative, the Fire Chief or his designee, the Director of Emergency Management in the event of a temporary emergency or major disaster or other occurrence resulting in emergency calls exceeding the capacity of CMEMS vehicles.


  1. This ordinance expires on the fifth anniversary of approval on July 8, 2019.


  1. Any violation of this provision shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed $500. Each occurrence of a violation shall be considered a separate violation with separate punishment to be imposed. (Ord. 2014-07, 7-8-14)



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