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City of Gatesville
Spur Capital of Texas

Chapter 4- Aviation


Art I In General

Art II Hangars

ARTICLE I. In General


SEC 4-1. General Airport Operations.


     The Gatesville Municipal Airport is under the control and supervision of the Gatesville City Manager.  The Gatesville City Manager is designated as the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) for the airport.  The airport is an uncontrolled airport, meaning that there is not a control tower or a full time employee assigned to the airport.  The airport provides aviation gas for sale on a 24 hour seven day a week basis on a credit card payment system only.  There is a terminal building that is available for pilots and passengers.  A total of 22 “T” hangars are available for rent. 


SEC 4-2. Through-Fence-Operations


  1. There are not currently any through-the-fence operations allowed at the Gatesville Municipal Airport.

  2. Any through-the-fence operation will be forwarded to Texas Department of Transportation, Aviation Division, in writing for consideration and approval by the Federal Aviation Administration after approval by the City Council of the City of Gatesville. Guidance for an through-the-fence agreement will based on FAA Order 5190.6B (or most current version) FAA Airport Compliance Manual, along with the airport master plan, current APPA contract obligations and any City zoning limits that may be pertinent.  


    Article II Hangars


    SEC 4-3. Airport Hangars  


  1. There exists a total of 22 public hangars and one private hangar at the Gatesville Municipal Airport.

  2. The private hangar was built on the airport property (Resolution 2000-08) in January, 2000 by Lynn Massingill under an agreement with the City of Gatesville and The Coryell County Commissioners Court. The agreement was that Mr. Massingill did not have to pay any rent for the property where the hangar was constructed but that the hangar becomes the property of the airport in 30 years. (January, 2030)

  3. The 22 public hangars are divided into two categories. Twelve hangars have side rolling doors and ten of the hangars have bi-fold doors. The hangars are rented through the Gatesville City Hall. The fees for the hangars are as follows:

  1. Hangar #2 is provided to the Louis Bone family in perpetuity, at no cost, for donating the old 10 hangars to the airport.

  2. Hangars #1 and #3 through #12 rent for $75 per month.

  3. Hangars #13 through #22 rent for $125 per month.

  1.  There exists one maintenance hangar that is owned by the airport, and rented to a private aircraft repair contractor. The current rent is $300 per month. (Ord. 2013-08, 5-14-13)

  2. Airplanes may be parked on the ramp for a period of fourteen (14) days at no charge. After fourteen days, a fee of $2.00 per day will be imposed on the owner until the airplane is removed. (Ord. 2014-04, 3-11-14).





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